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      Service Hotline

      Zhucheng Zhongyu Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd (Kaleter)


      Fax: +86-536-6586789

      Address: Zhongyu industrial Park, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China/span>

      Your Current Location :HomeCOMPANYAbout Kaleter  

      About Kaleter

           Zhucheng Zhongyu Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd (also known as Kaleter) plays a leading role in supplying equipment for poultry houses. The company covers an area of more than 66,666 m2 and has more than 100 employees. It is engaged in R&D, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales services for farm owners. The main products include complete sets of breeder system, broiler system, climate control system, bio-security project, and all relevant accessories. Kaleter can also provide turn-key project for hatchery by taking care of designing, installation, and after-sales service. The standardized and automatic-controlled large projects of broiler, breeder and layer projects as well as the thermoregulation projects that have been installed by Kaleter reflect the international advanced level of technology.

           We have a professional R&D team, representing the most advanced philosophy and level of the poultry industry. All the products in  the company are well-designed, exquisitely-manufactured, carefully-installed, and go through strict farm tests and trials, which guarantees the quality and performance of our products.

           We cling to the philosophy that the quality always matters the most, which making us earn the trust of our domestic and foreign customers and partners. And through the tireless efforts of all staff, we've established a good cooperative relationship with many foreign partners, and becoming the official agent of some international   first-line companies, such as SALMET, VDL, STIENEN BE, Agritech and CMC INDUSTRIES.

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